Thursday, December 11, 2008

Andante Dairy

One of my favorite chesemakers is Soyoung Scanlan of Andante Dairy in California. She has wonderful cheeses. One of my favorite cheeses is Rondo.

Rondo is a mixed (cow and goat)milk cheese. It is a small disk of ooey gooey goodness. She is covered with herbs which add a delicious and well balanced grassiness and as you might guess, herbaceousness to the cheese. It has a slight tangy lemoness that you'd expect with a goat cheese, but the cow's milk mellows out the tartness making this cheese camembertesque when ripe. It ripens from the outside in, and goes from ripe to "oh sweet mother of pearl this cheese is tooooooo ripe" in a very short period of time and should be eaten sooner rather than later. I have never had a problem with that.


Spryte said...

So is this something that I might be able to find at my local cheese market?

Cheesewench said...

Unfortunately, Soyoung's cheese is not available everywhere. There's a link on my website under "Cheesemakers I love" that will take you right to Andante. Once there you can check out where she sells her cheese.