Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cheese is good

This picture is from the 25th anniversary American Cheese Society cheese festival. The ACS conference was held right here in Chicago at the Chicago Hilton. This is a cheese sculpture of the Chicago skyline.
So I was watching The Daily Show today. Jon had Arianna Huffington on the show promoting her new book about blogging. She mentioned that you should blog about your secret passions. When she mentioned that her passion was cheese there was some mocking. She made some claim that 9 out of 10 Italian cheese are "fake"cheese from Wisconsin.

How many times have I come across the snobbish customer who only wants European cheese because they just don't like American cheese. There is so much great American cheese out there. A lot of it is from Wisconsin, Vermont and California. there's also cheese from Texas and North Carolina and Georgia. My current favorite cheddar comes from Seattle, Washington.

Well Mr. Stewart, Arianna and studio audience cheese is awesome! There is nothing silly about cheese blogs and the obsessive foodies who love the cheese.