Friday, December 12, 2008

Chocolate Cheese?

Yes my friends. Chocolate cheese. Today I introduce you to the Bourbon Chocolate Torta which comes to us from Capriole in Indiana. Yummy goat cheese, bourbon soaked raisins and coated in toasted pecans this cheese is scrumptious. Ok, that's a fib. I'm trying to not let my personal love or slight dislike infiltrate how I look at cheese. This is an impossibility though.

I find this cheese to be too sweet, and I wish that I could love everything that Judy makes. I mean, as I speak I have a Wabash Cannonball in my crisper and Mont St. Francis is one of my favorite washed rind cheeses. Ever. I just don't want my cheese cluttered up with malarkey. This cheese is filled with malarkey. I'm so sorry Judy's goats. I love everything else your mama does with your milk.

Now, that being said, We sell the shitake out of this cheese. When we get it in for Christmas, or for Valentine's day, it doesn't matter. We sell a goat ton on this cheese. People love it. I don't, but that should not discourage you from trying it on your own. We are all different people with different palates. I will say this: if you're going to try a chocolate goat cheese, you don't get better quality than what's coming out of Greenville, IN.


Ursula said...

Oh, man. I keep coming back to your blog to just stare at the chocolate cheese and salivate. Pavlov's blog!

Oldman said...

"No kill I"?, Never mind that's a T not an H...