Tuesday, December 16, 2008


This is Cabot Clothbound Cheddar. It is a lovely cheese. I know, you're thinking "Cabot makes a cheese worth getting passionate about?" My answer to you is YES! YES! YES!

Ok, so Cabot makes this cheese and then, in the true spirit of Vermont neighborliness they partner up with Jasper Hill Farm (more on them soon I promise). Jasper Hill Farm takes this cheese, and cares for it. Mateo nurtures this cheese as he does all cheese. Like the precious baby that she is. Only after a year of love is this glorious cheese released from it's dark, dank Greensboro, VT cellar.

This cheese usually comes in a wheel as shown in the picture on the right.* Someone in the shop decided to be a jerk and mutilate the cheese. Usually we take the wheel, cut it in half vertically, then horizontally and work on selling the wedges. I mean, if the cheese is shaped like a triangle, why would you cut off the tip? I'm just so miffed. No, screw that. I'm downright angry. Poor little cheese. She never did nothin' to nobody. I will avenge thee my love. I will avenge theeeeeeee.

*We did not have a full wheel of Cabot Clothbound Cheddar in the store. The picture on the right is a picture that I have "borrowed" from the Cabot website until we get one in.


Cabot Jen said...

Glad you like our Clothbound! I'm sorry it was carelessly truncated. That is truly a crime against cheese! :)