Friday, December 19, 2008

I am cheesewench and I can guess that cheese in 5 notes.

My favorite questions are the ones where I get to be the detective. They usually start like this....

"So I had this was__________" You can fill in that blank with any general adjective you'd like. Try using a color, or vague texture.. Or, if you want to be very tricksy you can use an entire continent. Now, lets try that sentence again.

"So I had this cheese a few months ago. It was white and foreign. Maybe from Europe. Or Wisconsin."

I am NOT kidding people. Now, this is how you can judge if you have a well educated cheesemonger. I like to play the game of "guess that cheese in less than 20 questions" in my head. I can usually get it in 5-7. It's a fun game. Usually. Now, I'll play guess that cheese with you. Here are your clues

1. It's a white cheese
2. It's from Europe
3. It's a fresh variety of a cheese we almost always see aged
4. It's a popular cheese when aged, but less so when fresh
5. It's a great melting cheese
6. It's a cow's milk
7. It's not a washed rind
8. It's not that one
9. Or that one either
10. That's kind of it right there. Wait, no that's not it either. Oh wait a minute, maybe it is.