Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jeffrey Roberts- Cheese Guru Extraordinaire

Those of you who know me know that I am not a name dropper. Except for that one time, but honestly she's the first lady in four days so give me a break. There are some exceptions to the name dropping rule. One of those exceptions is Jeffrey Roberts. He is super swell. Really. He's a great ambassador not just for American artisan cheese, but for land conservation, sustainability, and education. He's also ridiculously nice.

Last year we had a party to celebrate the ACS being in Chicago. I hopped on the train and brought a book with me to read on my way to the party. I grabbed the book on my bed which happened to be Roberts' The Atlas of American Cheese. The party was going well, everyone was drinking, eating and having a good time.

As you know, I am super shy, but I decide to go for it and I introduce myself to a pleasant looking man who says that his name is Jeff. Jeff Roberts. I react in the same way I would've reacted had I been introduced to Prince in 1987. I freak out and act like a twit. I tell him that I was reading his book on my way to the party, and ask him if he'd sign it (I'M A HUGE DORK) and he cheerfully agrees. He poses for the photo that my slightly tipsy co-worker takes of the two of us. He actually remembers me the next day when our paths cross at a seminar. Since I went to NECI in Montpelier there's a slight chance that he came in to the restaurant, or bakery during my time there and that I served him, thus proving in no scientific way, that only good things come out of VT.

I hate posting pictures of myself, so I won't do it, but you can bet I get all giddy and perky whenever I look at it.