Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Who's a little schmoopy boopy baby cutie little bitty cheese?

Hannahbelles, that's who. What is a Hannahbelle? Only the cutest little cheese I have ever seen or tasted. They're made in Wesport, MA by Shy Brothers Farm and the cheese, although over in France it's called boutons de coulottes here they called them Hannahbelles in honor of their mother. Oh yeah and the brothers are two sets of twins. Seriously? Could the cheese, the farm, the brothers and the name be any cuter?

Ok enough of that let's get down to the skinny. So we got these in a few days ago as a sample. Now I'm going to be straight with you: we got samples of their flavored cheeses which I did NOT try. It's not personal, I just didnt want a little button of lavendar, or rosemary. I wanted to try their original cheese. I promise I'll try their flavored buttons another time. Promise.

So the cheese is a pasteurized cow's milk cheese that is reminiscent of a crottin in shape. The flavor is pretty mild, and the cheese is slightly chewy, but the finish is awesome! It's a bit like a St. Felician or St. Marcellin. It has a milky slightly sour and tangy thing going on. I like them! since they are just little wee cheeses if we wanted to age them it wouldn't take any time at all, you could have a really intensely cheesy bite in a short amount of time. Our cheese buyer is actually in the process of aging them to see how they do that voodoo that cheese do so good. I look forward to tasting the aging experiments.