Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bad Poetry About a Good Cheese

I love this cheese sir
Say once, "Winnimere" and smile
Do I smell peanuts?

Belted in spruce bark
Northeast Kingdom great treasure
I DO smell peanuts

Creamy, gooey joy
I do not want to share this
But karma commands

I am horrible at poetry and not much better with the art of Haiku either. I don't care though. This cheese is so glorious it makes me wish I had paid more attention during Junior High School English so I would know how to best compose a sonnet to this lovely example of why cheese is good.

I am not alone in my lustful longings for this cheese. The Winnimere cheese, Jasper Hill Farm and the Kehler brothers Mateo and Andy were the centerfold of the premiere issue of Culture the word on cheese

The Winnimere was also the cheesy centerfold. Encompassing 2 full pages. She told us about her turn-ons with include "Belgian-style ale...crisp, spicy fragrant wine such as Gewurztraminer." Her turn-offs include most red wines. Especially hefty reds that contain a lot of tannin.

The paste is soft, creamy, and slightly pungent as you'd expect with a washed rind cheese although for this one in particular her bark is worse than her bite. intentional bad pun If I haven't mentioned it before, I get a slightly peanutty aroma and very faint taste from this cheese which is unique, unexpected and lovely.

How much do we love this cheese? Two of my co-workers bought an entire wheel to age themselves. I, being an impatient girl who wanted the cheese NOW bought 1/4 wheel to eat immediately.

Winnimere is proving once again that great things come out of Vermont.



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