Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cheesewench Frustrations

This post is just a mini rant, but not about cheese-kind of. So as I've said before, the ACS is having their annual conference in Austin, Texas this year. So, I'm reading my email, and there's a scholarship. The winner gets a full conference pass, and some other goodies. I know, it sounds awesome right? Wrong! So I'm looking over the application. typical stuff. Name, address, resume and all that stuff. Next comes the essay question.

Essentially they want to know "WHY". Why do I do what I do and what made me want to do it. Now, I am no stranger to the essay question. I love an essay question. They're fun. Usually. I just don't know how to write this essay in only 1-2 pages. Why do I do what I do? Because. How am I supposed to wrap it up all in two pages? It's hard enough to edit myself here yes, I know that I'm doing a poor job of it now.

I've been just sitting here for hours writing and re-writing and discarding and striking out and you know what I've ended up with? This post. Grrrrrr.