Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cheesewench Sad

I just want to preface this by saying that today was a ridiculously cold day here in Chicago. Tomorrow it's supposed to snow. Snow! Damn! I am so done with snow. I want spring. I want my fresh illegal raw goat and sheep's cheeses. I want to be able to open my window and smell a spring rain, not the impending doom of snow. Damn! Ok, back to the cheese.

Cashel Blue is one of my favorite blue cheeses. A cow's milk cheese from Ireland, it is completely handmade by one family on one farm. Although we get other Irish cheeses throughout the year, we only get Cashel Blue for the month of March for St. Patrick's day.

This is a cheese with three different ages. Young and tangy, Adult and coming into it's blue, and my favorite which is wizened spicy mature blue. We sold the last of the cheese today. I thought we had another wheel in the back, but when I looked, it had been put on hold for a customer. I only got to eat the cheese a few times this month. Damn! I should have planned better. Oh well, should, would, coulda. I will have to wait until next year.

Oh my pretty, creamy friend I will miss you.

I've been thinking about going abroad to eat some cheese, see some sights, and then eat more food. Can I really design a trip around a cheese? I dunno. I'm a little jealous because our cheese buyer is doing a two week stint eating his way around Italy. Now I'm starting to get the traveling bug.

*4/20 update: I don't know if the customers were clamoring for it, or if the cheese Gods were smiling down on me, but we've been getting Cashel Blue this month! I don't know why. I don't care. All I know is she's a tasty beast and I am glad she's staying with us*


girlichef said...

I feel ya...not too far from Chi-town and (what?!) possible snow later on today! We should have raw milk in a few weeks cuz one cow is just about ready to pop! Yay! And I totally think you can design a vacation around cheese...that's be an awesome vacay!

Junglefrog said...

Snow...??? O that is bad, really bad! I can so imagine the disappointment! I am kind of waiting for the blossom to start blossoming although it is still pretty cold. Today was sunny but the last couple of days were quite miserable and rainy!
On a happier side; I did a photoshoot in an amazing cheeseshop last week, which was great fun and they have fantastic cheeses. They specialize in varieties of 'european mountain-cheeses' a lot from Italy I think. I was so overwhelmed with all the cheeses I only bought one, but I will definitely be back for more and will post some pretty pictures (I hope) on it too!

Cheesewench said...

Girlie-I am done with snow! Done I tell you! I want spring and fresh chese, and outdoor farmer's markets and sunshine! Do you turn any of your milk into cheese?

J.F.- I have really been enjoying your cooking class series. Your photos are great, even if the brains look...too brainy. Brains are a no-no for me. Ick!

Lo said...

SO done with snow up here in Milwaukee. We got quite a few inches over the weekend... the only GOOD part is that it melts so quickly this time of the year!

A vacation built around cheese?? Why not?? Sounds fabulous to me!!

BlogMother said...

I think we need to detail all the minute differences in Feta cheeses.
This might require several weeks on various Greek Isles.

Cheesewench said...

Greece could be nice. Although...there's this rumor going around town. I've heard that the French have become the largest producer of Feta. I will have to investigate this more. After all, is it to be island hopping, or French countryside?