Wednesday, March 11, 2009

St. Felicien

Bonjour mes amis! Today we are looking at St. Felicien. A raw cow's milk cheese from Southeastern France. If you've ever had St. Marcellin, this cheese is quite similar although with a slightly higher fat content.

St. Felicien is a soft-ripened cheese made from cow's milk. Don't let it's mild appearance through you off though. This is a big cheese in a little crock. Well, now I've got the song "fat guy in a little coat" stuck in my head. The only good part of the film Tommy Boy.

When young this cheese is tart and grassy. A little bit bitter as well. As the cheese matures and ripens it develops more of a sour milk taste. I like this cheese when it's soft and creamy on the edges but hasn't quite reached the center yet.

St. Felicien comes in a lovely reusable crock. It's where my Euros live.

We were so busy eating the cheese that I almost forgot to take a picture of the paste. Bad Cheesewench!


jeni said...

i'm in love with this cheese. it is a new and recently discovered love. may i eat the rind?

Cheesewench said...

It's barely a rind, more like a skin. Please please please eat the whole thing minus the crock of course :)

Cindy said...

I celebrated my birthday in Paris with a loaf of bread, a bottle of cheap red table wine, and a crock of this cheese.
Where did you find this cheese in the US? I want to get some!

Cheesewench said...

Hiya Cindy! I checked my some of my favorite online stores in NYC, Boston, Chicago and Cali. A lot of stores sell St. Marcellin, but I found that only Pastoral Artisan in Chicago sells St. Felicien online. I've found it at Whole Foods stores here in Chicago. Of Course, you can always check with your local cheesemonger for assistance too. Bonne Chance!