Sunday, September 20, 2009

Caprese Salad

I love yogurt. I know I've mentioned this before (type yogurt into my blog search box and watch the drama unfold), but it bears mentioning again. In my fridge right now I have some cheese, condiments, wine and yogurt.

Traderspoint Creamery makes some of my favorite yogurt. It's made from milk from their organic grass-fed herd of happy cows right next door in Indiana. It has no stabilizers, so instead of being thick like a custard it's fluid like a smoothie. I was familiar with their milk and yogurt, but not the cheese.

This past weekend I went to the farmer's market for some grapes. Yes, grapes. I will travel 11 miles away from home for grapes because the market 5 blocks from my house has mediocre ones. Don't you judge me. While at the market I happened to walk past their stand and saw the Mozzarella. I realized that while I've had a few tasty tomatoes this year I haven't had a caprese salad yet. Thus lunch was born.

Here's what you need to make this lunch:

1. tomatoes-I got mine from the market.
2. mozzarella
3. basil
4. salt-kosher or sea don't you dare use iodized you need big fat flakes
5. pepper
6. olive oil (the good stuff that you bought on a whim and has been sitting in your pantry, neglected for too long)
7. the great balsamic vinegar that you bought the same day as the olive oil

Slice the tomatoes
Slice the cheese
Chiffonade (very thin ribbons) the basil
add s &p, evoo and balsamic to taste

It's one of my favorite meals, and I can't believe I almost let the summer pass without having it.

Traderspoint Creamery Mozzarella. I wish I could wax poetically about this cheese, but I can't. It was just a well made ball of mozz. Absolutely better than the b.s. in the supermarket, but not spectacularly outstanding. Good. Solid. I'll buy some more when I get to market this coming weekend.

The thing is, people don't realize how hard it is to make a simple product. Mozzarella, on the surface is a simple product. Making a good mozz is not easy. Knowing how hard it is to make this cheese well, I am very happy with their results

And here it sits in it's very own milky bath

I made enough salad for more than just three adults, but with fresh tomatoes from the farmer's market and nice mozz, no one was complaining.

All you need is some olive oil and some good balsamic vinegar to make this perfect.


Junglefrog said...

There is nothing that can beat a good caprese salad! Just love it!

A Year on the Grill said...

this is lovely...I want it sooooo bad

Cheesewench said...

When summer is gone the thing I miss most are the tomatoes. The rest of the year tomatoes just make me sad.

AYOTG: you should try this with smoked mozz-fantastic!

Taste of Beirut said...

great post! that's my son's favorite.