Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cheese Sunday!

Thanks to CurdNerd for helping set off the cheese love for today. So how is Cheese Sunday different from any other day? I guess it's because we're all getting together to do cheesy things. Today is my day off, so I had to come up with cheesy things on my own. With some help from the twitter cheese community here are some fun way to enjoy Cheese Sunday

Sing a song

Visit a cheesemaker (Jasper Hill Farm sounds good)

Read a book on cheese. Don't have a book on cheese yet? Well, conveniently enough,there are some suggestions at the bottom of my blog page.

But above all I hope this Cheese Sunday finds you in the company of good friends, and good fromage.

I will be announcing a contest this week. The prize is one of the books on my shelf.


Lo said...

Good friends, and good fromage. Well, that sounds like a great idea to me!

CurdNerd said...

Yep, an exercise in cheesy solidarity, a well played #CheeseSunday Let it brie...