Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

The past year has been an awesome whirlwind of super rad cheesiness. I really loathe top ten" lists, so I'm not going to make one. Instead I'm going to mention a few of my cheese highlights from the past year.

  • Having a chance to interact with you all during the "cultural exchange" post. Thank you all once again for sharing your goodies. Mary (who makes the yum cheese studded chocolate) has moved on from her job at Marion St. Cheese Market. To where? I dunno. Keep your eye out for her and her delicious confections.
  • ACS conference. Totally intimidating and surreal to be surround by all of that knowledge and years of expertise. Can't wait for this year.
  • VT Cheesemakers Festival. A chance to see my New England family, eat cheese, meet water buffalo, go to Jasper Hill and be insanely happy. Going back for year two this July.
  • My blog quel surprise!. What a great therapy this has become. I've become even more passionate about my work, slightly obsessive about cheese, and interested in photography as a result. Best idea I've ever randomly put together on a whim.
  • Comments. I love hearing back from you all through comments and email. A lot of you agree with things that I say, and there are just as many out there who don't. I love hearing all feedback. They help me be a better writer, and help me advance my cheese education.
  • Being tickled by Judy Schad of Capriole. Yup. Tickled. Yes, I did giggle like the poppin' fresh dough boy. Telling Allison Hooper that meeting her was like meeting Elvis, and then acting like a 15 year old girl when I asked her to sign my book on the Bonne Bouche page. Embarrassing moments in my cheesy year.
  • London. There were three contenders for my vacation last year. London, Madrid and Frankfurt. After weighing the options and realizing that my vacation was to start in 7 days, I picked London because I would be able to go to Neal's Yard Dairy. Stayed in a shitty hotel, had a wonderful time! Met great people, tasted ridiculously tasty cheese and conquered my fear of heights and enclosed spaces for 30 minutes so I could ride "The Eye".
  • Brooklyn. As a Queens kid growing up, I didn't' explore Brooklyn. When I went to visit my Aunt it was a home visit filled with food, check-pinching and food. When I got older we'd take the LIRR to Manhattan. Now a trip back home isn't as fun unless I make a run to Brooklyn for cheese exploration. If for some reason I had to move back to NYC, I'd find a place in Brooklyn to call my home.
  • Working my butt off. Yes there are days when I hate my job. All I want to do is curl up, and stay at home, eating take-out and watching LOTR. There are some days when I don't even want to look at cheese much less sell it. But, then I go to work, and look at the case. Who needs re-wrapping? When was the last time I tasted this cheese? Who needs to be faced? What needs to move? What's coming in? What are we selling? What are we sitting on? At the end of the day I love my job and as exhausting as the past few months have been (with the holidays and trying to figure out what I do as assistant buyer, and how to do it well) when I have my day off and I realize that I'm just reading about cheese, or thinking about cheese, or tasting new cheese, I know that I'm in the right job.
I am very excited just thinking about the past year, and look forward to this coming one as well. There's so much more cheese out there to read about, taste and write about.


A Year on the Grill said...

It was a greta year. I am so glad i found you. I look forward to every post

Cheesewench said...

thanks so much AYOTG! Your blog makes me wish I didn't live in this studio apt o I could grill more.