Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I love my job!

As an assistant buyer I have the opportunity to try all the samples that come into the store. Usually it's one or two new things a day. Yesterday was different.

We tasted at least a dozen potential new cheese case residents, including an old friend I haven't had in years: Berkshire Blue. I spent a summer cooking on Nantucket Island and one of the chefs' favorite cheese was the soft and supple blue from Massachusetts. I grew to love this cheese and put it on everything. Omelets, salad, toast, burgers, even mashed potatoes. By the end of the summer I had a great big cheese crush.

Berkshire Blue is a handmade cheese with a natural rind. The cheese is made with the raw, unpasteurized milk of Jersey cows. Why does the breed of cow matter? Butterfat my friend. It's all about the butterfat. Milk from those beautiful Jersey girls is richer in protein, calcium and sexy butterfat.

Oh yeah.

Upon first taste, you are seduced by the flavor of sweet, clean milk. Then in comes the blue. Mild, not too overpowering with just a smidgen of that peppery goodness that comes from the mold. Subtle. So far you may think that you've had very pleasant eating experience, but hold on to your hats because here comes the finish. The finish on this cheese is huge. The rind has got a bit of an earthy quality to it and the cheese finishes with a kick to your taste buds of greens. Swiss chard stems. Slightly bitter, salty, earthy, buttery, clean sweet milky goodness in a little cheese from MA.

Oh sweet Lord I love this cheese. I want to make out with it. I want to kiss it and whisper dirty things in its ear.

Oh Berkshire Blue you make me want to write ridiculously awful poetry in your name:

I know it's not right
To have relations with cheese
You're the exception

Come here you sweet thing
I'll do naughty things to you
Make you my supper

Awww yeah sexy beast
Come to mama, come here now
Must devour you

Cheese, you consume me
Now it's going to be my turn
Mouth, meet Berkshire Blue

All these Haiku are horrific. I will not apologize. Since this post is bordering on cheese porn, I do apologize for making this a bit dirty. To be honest though, when you taste this cheese you too will want start creating your own dirty homage to this sumptuous fromage.


brian said...

that's hilarious! def one of the more clever posts I've read recently.

Cheesewench said...

Thanks Brian! I'm glad to know that smutty cheese haiku is right up your alley ;)

Mary, Gourmet Cheese Balls said...

I found your blog through the website... you are hilarious!
Great post :-)