Saturday, August 28, 2010

Blogging and ACS Update

Hey there fellow turophiles. If you're at all like me you've been following the ACS conference by stalking those fortunate conference attendees who tweet, blog and do regular Facebook updates about it. My boss just texted me the winners and here they are:

Best of Show:
1st Place Pleasant Ridge Reserve
2nd Place Bonne Bouche pt 2 can be found here
3rd Place Spring Brook Farm Tarentaise

I'm going to have to change my tune at work. No I'm going to have to start saying

"Pleasant Ridge Reserve is the only cheese to have won 'Best of Show' three times at the ACS conference."

Congratulations Vermont!

On an unrelated note, I am in the process of moving my blog to Wordpress. The url will stay the same, but the overall design, and gadgets I get to play with will be 100% more rad. Stay tuned!


walterdagostino said...

Upland's Pleasant Ridge is a fine cheese and I love the respect they have for their herd and the process but First Place? What about taste or the Wow factor - Cabot Clothbound has a much wider appeal and goes up aganst the best English Cheddars and Greyson is far more complex -

walterdagostino said...

I am very surprised with the winnner Upland's Pleasant Ridge Reserve - I love the way they care for teir herd and their cheese but First Place Overall - doesn't taste and competition count - more people buy Cabot's Clothbound and the Greyson is much more dynamic -

Cheesewench said...

Hey Walter- From what I understand, judging isn't based on sales volume. If it was, artisan cheeses would never win (there's no way that Uplands sells more cheese than Kra**.) Judging is based on the cheese that was entered, not on past performance and this year Uplands won the prize.

Awarding Pleasant Ridge Reserve first place doesn't mean that the cheeses that didn't win aren't good, just that the cheese from Uplands got a better score in the judging.

I know it can be hard soemtimes when your favorite cheese doesn't win, but who knows what will happen next year?

Just FYI: Cabot Clothbound Cheddar won Best of Show in 2006 and Grayson won 2nd place in 2008.