Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The frozen yogurt that almost cured my pneumonia

Every once in a while I have to tell you about something super awesome that isn't about cheese. And that brings us to today's post.

One of my favorite cheeses ever is Ascutney Mountain. I've talked about it before on this blog; the super melty goodness, the nutty, clover, grassy butteriness, how Ascutney Mountain is one of the best cheeses you'll ever put in your mouth etc.

Well last night  I was at the Coop with my Ma looking for some ice cream and lo and behold what do I see, frozen yogurt made by the fantastic Cobb Hill people.  Awesome!  There were three flavors available: vanilla, chocolate and maple.  Since it's sugaring season I had to go with the maple flavor.
A few things I should tell you

  1. I love maple syrup.  
  2. I love maple cotton candy and have made 4 hr round trips to sugar houses just to get it.
  3. I don't really care for frozen yogurt. Ice cream and gelato are much nummier.
Upon first glance the fro-yo* looks fine.  There's a strong maple-y smell, and a few ice crystals on top, but I blame the Coop and their weird freezers (I've been struggling with that for years now) not Cobb Hill.

So what's this frozen yogurt all about?  It is super awesome and rad? Did I want to eat the entire container until I got a full bloated dairy tummy and ice cream headache?  

Not quite.

The maple flavor was awesome.  After my first bite I exclaimed "It tastes like maple cotton candy, but cold and awesomer"!  It has a slight burnt sugar flavor, and almost finishes a bit like roasted coffee beans. Yum! Then I had a few more spoon fulls.  I developed three cavities, got a huge sugar rush, crashed and got diabetes. I actually had a vanilla ice cream chaser to get some of the super sweetness out of my mouth. **

No decision has been made yet, and I think I'm going to have to try the vanilla or chocolate flavor to decide if I'm ever going to be a frozen yogurt convert.  Until then, I'm going to stick with their cheeses, Ascutney Mountain and Four Corners Caerphilly.  

*I hate the word "fro-yo".  It's right up there with "jeggings" and "frenemies".  "Fro-yo" is just so...blech!

**I'm an adult, and know that ice cream is not an appropriate chaser for sweet frozen yogurt, but I've been sick lately, so that's what happened.

This post is for Ma who knows that the only thing that really helps you get over a hospitalization is ice cream. Antibiotics are a distant (and not nearly as tasty) second.


Rebecca said...

Sorry to hear you've been sick :-( That frozen yogurt sure sounds delicious. I've seen it at the store; must give it a try. Feel better!!

Cheesewench said...

After a week of eating ice cream I found a maple to french vanilla ratio of 1:3 was just perfect. Can't wait to try the other flavors!