Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Montasio Vino Rosso

One of the things I love most about cheese is that there's always something new to discover. Today we're taking a look at Montasio Vino Rosso from Italy.

This cheese is made of cows' milk, aged for ten months or so and is covered in Cabernet and Merlot must. This is also one of the more interesting rinds I've encountered in my cheesy travels.

No, this isn't some alien skin under a microscope, it's the super cool rind of the cheese.

Very similar to Drunken Goat from Spain this cheese has a nice sweetness to it, and the aroma is...winey.

Reading that just bored the pants off of me. Let me try again.

Here goes. So you're out on a second date with this guy/girl, and the first date was pretty good, but you're still kind of nervous and trying to figure out what you're going to say because you've already talked about your respective jobs, pets and hobbies and so you decide to get a glass of wine and you end up spilling some of it on your shirt, but luckily its a dark color so it's not noticeable until the next day when you go to do laundry and you smell a faint, sweet hint of wine from the night before.

Although subtle, in this cheese the wine is noticeable in the paste as well. Since it is made from cow milk it has an additional sweetness and some dry hay notes. it's absolutely delicious! I would use this on a cheese plate, or shaved over a salad of greens (arugula would be fantastic).


Cheesyplace said...

This cheese reminds me of that one we just starting carrying in our shop called Millefoglie Al Marzemino

looks delicious!