Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fat Toad Farm Visit

For years now I have been going on and on about the goat milk caramel (cajeta) being made at Fat Toad Farm.  It's a sexy sauce of deliciousness that I used to have my Ma send to me in care packages when I was in Chicago.

They also make some really tasty fresh chevre that I'm hoping to carry in the store.  A week ago I was sitting in my room on my day off and trying to see which cheesemaker I wanted to go to next.  I was thinking about Fat Toad.  I was messing round on facebook and saw an update from them with photos of the goats.  It was a sign.  Fate had intervened and I was going to play with goats.

The next day I headed out on the road, took the "scenic route" (got a bit lost) and went looking for goats.

I know I say this every single time I visit with goats at any farm, but they are just the cutest things ever!  Like dogs, but not as slobbery.  All the girls and kids were sitting in their little greenhouse-esque dwelling, looking very hot and uncomfortable.  One of the farm workers (whose name I can't remember now and didn't write down because it wasn't really that kind of visit) let all the goats out and lead them into a cool and shaded area full of trees, stumps to jump on and plenty of things to nibble.

I followed them.

She let me hold their newest kid, Venus.  You know what's cuter than a two week old goat who is all wobbly and small and cute?  Nothing.  I fell in love and when I came back to work the next day asked my bosses if we could have goats at the farm.  I want goats.  They are my precious.

One of the dams came over and gave me a little nibble.  Then another trotted on by, and another.  Before I knew it I was surrounded by dams who were giving me the once over by nibbling me everywhere.  Usually when a stranger nibbles on my earlobe I don't succumb to hysterical giggling.  A few of the mothers got a bit bored doing their taste-test and went over to the trees to get some bark.

That made room for the little ones.

One kid came at me full speed, lowered her head and got me in the shin.  It was one of the cutest things I've ever experienced, although the third time she did it I realized that I was getting a bit sore, and shooed her away.

Even though there was no cheese acquired on this visit (production will be going on later in the month) I got some of their caramel sauce and had my spirits raised considerably by the antics of all the animals on the farm.  In addition to goats, chickens, 1 rooster, a few boy goats and some pigs, there are several dogs who want to play with you.  Seriously.  Throw the stick. They really want you to throw the stick.  THROW THE STICK!

Spending time with goats is one of the most relaxing, blood pressure reducing, laughter inducing ways to spend part of your day, and the kids and goats at Fat Toad Farm are some of the nicest goats I've ever met.  I went home that day dirty, smelling a bit musky (boy goats leave their funk on your hands and anything else they touch) and with a big smile on my face.

I wonder if Fat Toad Farm would just let me stop by when I need a little pick-me-up.  Much more fun than drowning your sorrows in ice cream and old Meg Ryan movies.

Here comes Venus...and the person whose name I can't remember because I'm a jerk.

Trees are tasty

Headbutt a Trois

My little Venus has the racing stripe down her back

The goats hear something in the distance...

 ...super fluffly cat, up too high in this tree