Tuesday, May 3, 2011

National Grilled Cheese Month is Over

That's right folks.  It's now May, so grilled cheese month is done.  Of course I've never needed a pre-determined month to tell me that eating a grilled cheese sandwich is the right thing to do.  My tummy knows best; that you should have a grilled cheese sandwich every month of the year.

Before I left Chicago I was spending a lot of time with my nephew.  He's going to be four in July and he's the cutest thing in the world.  Not to be a big jerk about it, but my nephew can totally out-cute your nephew. This winter, after watching him for the afternoon I made dinner for everyone.  Grilled cheese sandwiches were on the menu.  The adults also had tomato and chickpea soup.

Little Kian asked me to video tape him.  I told him I would do it while he ate dinner (a great way to get a toddler to eat.)  This video is from that night.  His sandwich was made of Grafton 1 year Cheddar.  The adults had a mix of Comte, Taleggio, Grafton 1 year Cheddar and some odds and ends that were in my cheese box.

Enjoy the video!


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Cheese Cheese everywhere :)


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