Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

First new cheese of 2012 is conundrum from Jasper Hill.  A washed rind cheese very similar to Moses Sleeper. Very buttery on the palate with a little funk on he nose. A good whey to start the new year!  More on Jasper Hill to come.

*this post is brought to you by the letter "i".  I wrote this on my brand spanking new iphone and realized a little bit in that although I like the fact that I can blog from the phone, the virtual keyboard makes it impossible to type as fast as I think.*


Anonymous said...

You took that shot with your iphone?
Honestly Wench, the pic looks like a soft roll wedge spread with butter. I keep looking at it, mesmerized!

Anonymous said...


I'm supposed to be working, but have been sucked into your blog instead.
I did a search on "Does Brie go bad" because I have 3/4 of a wheel in my fridge which is "out of date". Long story. Anyway, upon reading a blog you wrote several years ago on Brie, I ran upstairs, put quite a bit on some crackers, came back down to our office, and read lots about cheese and London (I'm British) and goats (I live a few miles from a goat cheese factory). Oh, and I live on a farm in Wisconsin, another cheesy place (I have become a cheesehead, actually). Thanks for keeping up with this Blog.

Anonymous said...

Me again. I should add that the wheel in my fridge is about 1 foot in diameter. So we're not talking the non-Brie from WalMart.
Have some more interesting cheese tid-bits - if you're interested/bored, shoot me an email: nicola "at"

Cheesewench said...

Hey Nicola,
I have found that there are a lot of cheeses that actually taste better when they're past their "sell by" date. Are you making cheese in Wisconsin?


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