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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On a side note....

Today at work I failed at "20 cheese questions". The customer came in and asked for a white triple creme that starts with a "D". So, we're thinking delice de bourgogne. No, wait, we misheard him he actually said "B". can't think of anything. Three of us behind the counter. Not one of us can think of a thing and I'm about to look in the bible. He then looks in the case and says that he's found it "boucheron". Um, well, it is a white cheese, but not a triple creme in any way shape or form. Not even a double creme. Single creme cheese. Traditional goat cheese from France. Not silky, creamy, buttery smooth.

I know that not everyone here grasps the magnitude of this man's confusion. Let me use a different analogy:

Today at work I was trying to find this guy a record.* He told me that there was this album he'd listened to a few weeks ago and he wanted to find it. "It starts with a 'B' and it's 4 guys in a rock band."

"Oh, I said, do you mean the Beatles?"

"I see it!" he says "It's these guys! The Bee Gees!"

*For the purpose of this story I was Annie Potts in the movie "Pretty in Pink". Why not Molly Ringwald? Because Annie Potts was in Ghostbusters and therefore is much more awesome and rad.