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Friday, February 6, 2009

BaaBaa Jersey

I'm a New Yorker. Specifically Queens. I know that given my place of birth I am required to hate New Jersey. I can't. How can I hate the place that gives us such wonderful people as my own ma, "the boss", and Jon Stewart? Plus everyone knows that Staten Island is worse.

Well, I have experienced a new cheese from New Jersey that could convince anyone to visit the garden state. It's a raw sheep's milk cheese called Shepherd's Logue and it's from Valley Shepherd Creamery.

The logue is a pretty young cheese at about 4 months of aging, but has such a wonderful flavor to it. It's rubbed with herbs de Provence which only add to the flavor of the paste instead of detracting from it. I'm usually not an herby cheese lass. I find that the herbs (usually rosemary in particular) are too course and I usually end up with twiggery in between my teeth. This cheese is an exception to the rule however. A delightful, milky, nutty sheepy exception.