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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On a side note....

Today at work I failed at "20 cheese questions". The customer came in and asked for a white triple creme that starts with a "D". So, we're thinking delice de bourgogne. No, wait, we misheard him he actually said "B". can't think of anything. Three of us behind the counter. Not one of us can think of a thing and I'm about to look in the bible. He then looks in the case and says that he's found it "boucheron". Um, well, it is a white cheese, but not a triple creme in any way shape or form. Not even a double creme. Single creme cheese. Traditional goat cheese from France. Not silky, creamy, buttery smooth.

I know that not everyone here grasps the magnitude of this man's confusion. Let me use a different analogy:

Today at work I was trying to find this guy a record.* He told me that there was this album he'd listened to a few weeks ago and he wanted to find it. "It starts with a 'B' and it's 4 guys in a rock band."

"Oh, I said, do you mean the Beatles?"

"I see it!" he says "It's these guys! The Bee Gees!"

*For the purpose of this story I was Annie Potts in the movie "Pretty in Pink". Why not Molly Ringwald? Because Annie Potts was in Ghostbusters and therefore is much more awesome and rad.

Friday, December 19, 2008

I am cheesewench and I can guess that cheese in 5 notes.

My favorite questions are the ones where I get to be the detective. They usually start like this....

"So I had this was__________" You can fill in that blank with any general adjective you'd like. Try using a color, or vague texture.. Or, if you want to be very tricksy you can use an entire continent. Now, lets try that sentence again.

"So I had this cheese a few months ago. It was white and foreign. Maybe from Europe. Or Wisconsin."

I am NOT kidding people. Now, this is how you can judge if you have a well educated cheesemonger. I like to play the game of "guess that cheese in less than 20 questions" in my head. I can usually get it in 5-7. It's a fun game. Usually. Now, I'll play guess that cheese with you. Here are your clues

1. It's a white cheese
2. It's from Europe
3. It's a fresh variety of a cheese we almost always see aged
4. It's a popular cheese when aged, but less so when fresh
5. It's a great melting cheese
6. It's a cow's milk
7. It's not a washed rind
8. It's not that one
9. Or that one either
10. That's kind of it right there. Wait, no that's not it either. Oh wait a minute, maybe it is.

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